Aquamarine - the Gem For a Happy Marriage 1

Aquamarine – the Gem For a Happy Marriage

A holiday of love, one thinks usually first and foremost of precious stones in shades of red, such as the Ruby, or pieces of jewelry with heart cut diamonds. But the real star of Valentine’s day is the aquamarine! The Sea-Blue gem is for loyalty and a happy marriage.

Aquamarine - the Gem For a Happy Marriage 1

Light-Hearted Attention

Awakens a mood of serenity and the feeling of butterflies in the stomach the thought of bright blue water you? A similar feeling, like when you’re together with the or the loved one? Actually, so it is no wonder that the wearing of aquamarine predicts a long and happy marriage. The name of the gemstone comes from the Latin (aqua = water and sea = marina) and through him to the waves gently and have been sailors to safety.

Was said also the birth stone for the month of March to intensify the marital bliss. High quality aquamarine combine a strong clarity with high transparency and extend up to green blue nuances of shades of blue. Like many Beryls, aquamarine forms large crystals, which are ideal for the design of jewellery.

Aquamarine - the Gem For a Happy Marriage 2

Quality Features of the Gem of Loyalty

The most coveted colour of aquamarine is a relatively intense blue to a light greenish blue tone. Usually the cut gems are pure eye; large models are available without visible inclusions. Since the color of the gem is bright, a cut is essential. Well polished gems shine of unique brilliance. Aquamarine crystals vary in size between small, as well as the heaviest aquamarine raw rock until now weighs about 110 kilograms large models -.

The step cut and the Scissor sharpening in long oval or rectangular shape are extremely popular for jewelry pieces. At RENÉSIM you get romantic heart cut loose gems that are perfect for Valentine’s day. Also a timeless cocktail ring or elegant earrings can be combined wonderfully versatile. And what gift is finally loving as the gem of loyalty?

Aquamarine - the Gem For a Happy Marriage 3

Famous Aquamarine

Queen Elizabeth gave a splendid aquamarine of the President and the people of Brazil 1953 to her Coronation, which she wears in a splendid DIAdem. Brazil is one of the most important sites for the sea-blue stone. The most precious aquamarine ever weighs 1000 carats and is located in the collection of the Smithsonian Institute at the natural history museum in New York. The obelisk-shaped bears the title of largest polished gem of the world “Dom Pedro aquamarine”. He weighs 10,393 carats and is 35.5 centimeters long.