Anklet Bracelet with Toe Ring 1

Anklet Bracelet with Toe Ring

We jumped from boots to sandals and this spring. A bare feet shining ornaments that attract curious glances. They say that those who take care of yourself and decorate not only your hands, but your feet are big. Bracelet feet is more sexual context than that of the hand and shows open and sensitive lady. Jewels for the feet are as varied as the shapes, sizes and materials, and those hands. Ornaments of the legs are worn for centuries, but today it is in fashion. Indian women put their wedding rings no arms and legs. Their ring is silver and is worn on the left leg and the right groom puts another gem. Both rings indicate who owns no scoring, and she keeps them as their eyes as their loss leads to bad luck and end the marriage.

There are various theories about the benefits and harms of jewelry legs. According to some ankle bracelets and rings legs earthed person and open energy meridians and channels. East believe that, as in the hands of each toe is associated with energy, aches and pains, parts and organs in the body. Copper or silver rings big toe as normalize high blood pressure and work well on the psyche. According to others jewels block these energy channels and centers and is considered safe only decoration of the middle finger.

Anklet Bracelet with Toe Ring 1

Ornaments foot must be combined with clothes. Wear both on weekdays and exquisite parties, but usually these ornaments make more extravagant ladies. From the catwalks six watts quite heavy ornaments, almost inapplicable in working weekdays. There are jewelry from precious stones and precious metals for thousands of dollars that often adorn the stars. But also offer very simple and stylish decorations, not tired legs and are a measure of each leg and portfolio. This year’s spring collections again betting on Asian motifs. And since we are in the year of the snake in the Eastern horoscope, the pattern of insidious reptile is not only timely, but also lucky. Modern crystal ornaments in a variety of colors, combined with walks, leather and beads. In fashion and jewelry are in bright neon colors that shine especially the beach stage. Metal, plastic or stone – the choice is huge, but it is important than fashion jewelry fit. The sharp edges and shapes can damage the feet, rather than to brighten. Another even more relevant ornament is tattoo ankle preferred by teens and young adults.

Anklet Bracelet with Toe Ring 2

The choice of designs is endless, but the ornament worn a lifetime. Unless painted with special dyes that gradually wash. There are jewels that look like tattoos. They are called piece Batucada, the name of producing them French company whose motto is “The jewelry as a part of you.” Made of eco materials, many plastic and pleasant to the touch, resistant to water and sweat. When they wear close fitting like a second skin and look like embossed tattoo. Suitable for all occasions and situations are usually designed as flowers, stars, drops …

These tattoo jewelry now be ordered only on the Internet. They say that men were eyeing first at the feet of women. The thin ankles transfix the attention and jewelery legs generate tremendous curiosity. But even gold bracelet with diamonds will beautify rough heels and feet. And the interesting patches on the nail does not make unsupported beautiful nails.

Anklet Bracelet with Toe Ring 3