And the Oscar Goes to... 1

And the Oscar Goes to…

On Sunday, 27 February the Academy Awards will be awarded in Los Angeles for the 83rd time, which traditionally represent the brilliant culmination of the award season. As always, the rumor mill is again overheating this year: who will win? Who’s who? And most importantly: who pays what?

And the Oscar Goes to... 1

An actress wins an Academy Award, this is of inestimable value for the designers she wears. Weeks reporting, countless magazine covers and the casual mention of again and again: “the dress? Is by Versace.” A so big advertising budget can compete with the value of this mention.

Increasingly, also the jewels, which are worn to the couture gowns of the stars become the main role. For Hollywood’s Jewelers, however no picnic are the weeks prior to the ceremony: because no piece of jewelry may be too similar to the other or be worn even two times. Only absolute unique may run down the red carpet.

And the Oscar Goes to... 2

The focus is of course on sparkling necklaces, that perfect each neckline. But also dramatic chandeliers have become in recent years a steady trend. The price of the jewelry exceeds often to a multiple of the dress: not rarely the stars wearing diamonds worth millions on the skin.

So much money on a piece of jewelry that forever after that disappears in the safe? No. Normally celebrities may borrow namely the precious jewels for the jeweler of their confidence. The next day they picked then silently and secretly again, and still dreaming of their grand entrance.

And the Oscar Goes to... 3