Akkesoir Jewelry Design from Berlin 1

Akkesoir: Jewelry Design from Berlin

The Dutch Designer Akke Aimaq (photo) stands behind the Berlin jewelry label “Akkesoir”.

Jewelry as fashion statement: the Berlin it label Akkesoir is one of the most sought after jewelry labels in the capital. The hand-crafted unique pieces by designer Akke Aimaq are a creative mix of glamour and before-keep. Many celebrities are self-confessed fans.

The breakthrough Akke Aimaq 2010. At that time the native Dutch won the main award of the fashion world: the “new faces Award” of the magazine BUNTE in the category “best accessory label”.

Akkesoir Jewelry Design from Berlin 1

Before the designer went to Berlin, there to form their own label, she had studied at the Art Academy Maastricht and in Amsterdam their first collection.

The success was not long in coming. Stars and celebrities such as Lauryn Hill, Katy Perry, Dave Rojinski and Jana Pallaske were soon with their jewelry in public.

Akkesoir: Unique Pieces with Glam Factor

In a time of mass production are an everyday, the need grows for distinctive favorite pieces. Akke Aimaq has therefore decided to produce only unique and series. (Current jewelry pieces and prices see here.)

Their preferred materials are ground glass and semi-precious stones, gold and silver-clad metals and vintage elements. Also diamonds, diamonds and precious stones are occasionally used. “Inspiring you to shine” is appropriately the motto – and indeed, the elaborate Akkesoir pieces from almost every woman lure out the glamour.

Akkesoir Jewelry Design from Berlin 2

Made-to-Measure for Private Customers

It is worthwhile to contact Akke Aimaq personally: the Wahlberlinerin – designed for its private customers in addition to their collections – also custom-made jewelry, which is adjusted according to the desire and opportunity exactly on the wearer.

In the Berlin Akkesoir-Atelier, also individually designed head and shoulder jewelry as well as foot and wrist jewelry alongside bracelets, chains, rings and earrings.

Akkesoir: Jewelry for Stars & Stage

Akkesoir Jewelry Design from Berlin 3

Akke Aimaqs feeling for trends and productions is also on the stage. Together with stylists and choreographers, the designer developed bespoke jewellery for red carpet appearances, tours, presentations, dance – and theatre shows and film – and photo productions.