A Royal Love Affair Immortalized in Diamonds and Gold 1

A Royal Love Affair Immortalized in Diamonds and Gold

Long has the last post, I am absolutely aware. There was much to tun…das current affairs I have not left still out of sight.

Great attention has been, for example, the message about the marriage of Prince William on his Waity Katie (Kate Middleton) to. And since we’re just that “British Royals” in there are so nice topic, would like to I today to speak on another lady, both the reason for the abdication of King Edward VIII was, but at the same time the reason for jewelry pieces of most precious art, at its auction by the London auction house Sotheby’s BB´s record prices achieved last week.

It concerns the American Wallis Simpson, the great love of Edward VIII, who ascended the British Throne in 1936. The great resistance on the part of the Royal family and the Church was a marriage, which would have made the Queen Wallis Simpson, but opposed. Main reason for this was the fact that the bourgeois Simpson was divorced twice and Edward thus not allowed to marry her according to Protocol. Is confessing his love, Edward VIII renounced affiliated after less than a year on the Crown and then married as Duke of Windsor of his Wallis. A life of luxury in most places around the world followed, in whose time you showered face each other with the most precious jewels in the form of brooches, necklaces, bracelets, Cufflinks, and cigarette cases. Until today, this jewelry collection is as the most expensive private jewelry collection of the 20th century.

A Royal Love Affair Immortalized in Diamonds and Gold 1

Applicable also the comment by David Bennett, expert in Oriental and European jewelry at Sotheby’s, to the “Windsor jewellery sale”-auction: “it means that there is no man that has ever been more for his love. The quality of the jewelry and the way he tells the story of their relationship, is irresistible.”

The auction of 20 pieces of jewellery and other jewels has almost 8 million pounds (9.5 million euros) and more than double what Sotheby’s had initially estimated BB´s. Already in 1987, a year after the bitter and lonely death of the Duchess of Windsor in Paris, jewelry and jewels from her estate in Geneva were auctioned off. The overall result with 75.4 million Swiss francs was a worldwide sensation and over 2000 bidders in Geneva and New York had sought feverishly to the total 306 pieces of jewelry. A “gentleman in the fifth row left” was awarded the contract for 20 pieces, including 11 pieces designed by the House Cartier, the former favorite jeweller of the Windsors. (Source: Handelsblatt) It was those pieces of jewelry, now 23 years later, once again released to the auction.

Including stunning pieces like a bracelet Panther-shaped Black Onyx and diamond are seductive and dangerous, at the same time. The diamond Panther looking from two real emerald eyes, was bought by an anonymous bidder for 4.5 million pounds (5.4 million euros) and is BB´s according to Sotheby’s the “highest price that was ever paid for a bracelet at auction”.

A Royal Love Affair Immortalized in Diamonds and Gold 2

A brooch in the form of a colourful sparkling flamingos from diamonds, rubies and emeralds from the House Cartier went for £1.7 million as the second most expensive piece of this auction, back at the Cartier Foundation. A heart-shaped brooch with the initials W. and E. Wallis and Edward were more coveted pieces of jewelry. And also a collection bracelet with nine small, simple crosses that represent important milestones in the life of the two, found a buyer for a high price.

The auction was held deliberately BB´s by Sotheby’s in London, once again to fan nostalgia and to highlight the historical significance of these jewels. Achieved record prices, also the sustained boom for jewelry and jewels played an important role in addition to the personal, almost intimate dimension of the jewels. Both market segments – gems and historic jewelry – are as strong as ever, so the trade journal.

Rumored Yes pop star to be the anonymous buyer of the Panther bracelet Madonna. You just directs the film version of the story of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson and was very fond of the bracelet. If the rumor is true, then Madonna is certainly not long keep it us.

A Royal Love Affair Immortalized in Diamonds and Gold 3