6 Ideas For Jewelry Recycling Jeans 1

6 Ideas For Jewelry Recycling Jeans

! We like how the jeans and recycling! So we continue looking for a thousand ways to transform and take advantage of those jeans that we have already used so much that now we can not use… and will continue until not a scrap!
We offer several great ideas to make the Cowboys used in very original costume jewelry accessories, which combine perfectly with any clothing which is your favorite?

1. Collar CASUAL is made by combining cowboy strips, glass beads, beading, lace braids and feathers. A necklace with much glamour that you can customize as you like you with leather, rockery or balls of different shades.
To do so only you have to cut strips of your old jeans pant leg cowboy.
You can add strips of leather, tape, rockery or balls… and even some feathers.
You only have to unite all the straps and fasten them with a string by tightening a thread around to form a thicker cord that will serve close to knotting necklace with all of them.

6 Ideas For Jewelry Recycling Jeans 1

  1. Necklace JEANSmade taking advantage of the side seam of the jeans and serving as base for different entrepiezas.
    To do this you will have to carry the seam of the side of your jeans to the desired length and attach it by folding it over on itself to create the central strip of the collar.
    Then only you have to enter the entrepiezas that you like most and magnet closure.
    The central tassel is made also by cutting a few fringe on cowboy fabric. A very versatile and flattering collar.
  2. DENIM Hair Pinsare made with loops of the jeans.
    You will only have to carefully undo the snaps of your old pants and stick them on a metal pin of nikel.
    You can decorate your PIN with a lot of different materials, from the delicate rhinestones sewn to form crosses with thick cotton thread until the accounts of colors or zamak parts such as butterflies and flowers to make more youthful designs.You can sew parts, embroider, paint or even use glitter colors.
  3. Bag NATIVEis a small pouch made of one of the pockets of our jeans.It is inspired by bags that used the indigenous tribes of North America to keep its charms.
    It will be the perfect complement to our small objects. This design with ethnic aires is truly incredible, don’t you think?
    You will need natural feathers and a metal pen… but also pod´eis make it yourself by cutting a pen on a piece of leather. You can leave fly vustra imagination and decorate it with the materials that you have more hand… ribbons, beads and beaded metallic, embroidered with rockery… the possibilities are almost endless.
  4. Charm HEART JEANSis a funny key chain with heart shape made in denim, ideal to decorate our bag or gift.

6 Ideas For Jewelry Recycling Jeans 2

You only have to cut two equal our cowboy broken hearts and stitch together with a two parts. We then fill it with a little cotton-wool or cotton and close it cosienso the tape holding the ring for hanging.
You can then embroider beading combining colors and shapes as more like it… or you can paint it if you want to go faster. Use glitter or markers with brightness also can give us very nice finishes.
You can customize your heart Cowboy as you like you… perfect for gift giving.

  1. JASPER Earrings
    These earrings or earrings are made using the snaps of used jeans.You can customize them with balls or trinkets that you like most: rockery, metal balls, beads, pearls or… as in this tutorial, using natural stones from Jasper.They are very original, because closure is placed on the back so that jobs once they form a small ring.They are very easy and quick to make and positions favour a lot! Do you feel like?

You’ll find step by step, material used and all the tutorials at this link: IDEAS to recycle your JEANS
Is that you will love and you will want to do them all!

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6 Ideas For Jewelry Recycling Jeans 3

I hope that you liked… see you soon!