100 years of Cartier Panther 1

100 years of Cartier Panther

In November 1914, Cartier has created his first Panther spots motive as part of a wrist watch…

In November 1914, Cartier has created his first Panther spots motive as part of a wristwatch. Today, 100 years later, the “Panther” is one of the most famous trademark of jeweller House. The story of a special anniversary.

100 years of Cartier Panther 1

It was at a time when women first were demanding their independence, new freedoms experienced and worked this wild and mysterious. Which symbol could be better fit as a Panther? Louis Cartier therefore commissioned the French painter and Illustrator George Barber to an image that should represent a “Lady Panther”. This special watercolor should from now on characterize the firm.

The “Wildcat” Behind Cartier Panther Jeanne Toussaint

Jeanne Toussaint 1933 took over the artistic direction of the High Joaillerie Department of Cartier, she was immediately impressed by the strong symbolism of the Wildcat. She created the first three-dimensional Panther brooch. The yellow gold animal perched on a rectangular Emerald cabochon from 116 carats. Jeanne Toussaint developed for Wallis Simpson, who was henceforth called “Ma Panther” by Louis Cartier, a Platinum brooch with a Panther diamond and Onyx. Both pieces of jewellery were true enthusiasm and many more should follow.

100 years of Cartier Panther 2

“Panther” Love Princesses, Actresses, Models

It says that Jeanne Toussaint gave a very special aura. She called the shots, and many others followed her. In the 1950s and 60s of the last century, including Princess Nina But Khan, top model and actress Maria Felix fell into disrepair Editha Dussler Cartier Panther. And even after the death of Louis Cartier in 1942, Madame Toussaint watched further over the Collections. Only what she liked, came in the sale. When she died in 1976, it was the House Cartier a concern to continue to preserve their myth – until today.

Cartier Panther in the 21st Century

The Panther still stretches like a red thread through the collections of Cartier. Floral oriental perfume creations followed, and in 2003 a collection of 53 pieces of jewelry in the art Decoration style.Finally launched Cartier currently 100th anniversary its solid collection, consisting of jewellery, accessories and a perfume which figured, graphically, playful the Panther, gently, wild or lascivious take up. This anniversary is to be celebrated not least to honor a strong symbol animal, but understands itself also as a tribute to the great Jeanne Toussaint.100 years of Cartier Panther 3