Shooting the New Season Is Coming For the Gems of RENÉSIM-

The autumn is approaching and at the online jeweler RENÉSIM the preparations for the upcoming season in full swing – finally we want to surprise our customers as usual with an aesthetic and imaginative campaign.
Get a sneak peek right now: we invite you, to look behind the scenes of RENÉSIM and take a look at the Photo Studio professional employees at the highest level. Our beautiful gemstones and jewelry creations are used currently perfectly in scene. From October you can admire them then in vogue, in AD magazine and GQ. The very precious emeralds from Colombia – a country that is known for the beautiful color and good quality of these gems are an example.
Are you curious already, our new autumn campaign looks like? Wait a bit for the time being still need to, because so far, the designs are still top secret.
But certainly we will not disappoint your expectations and once again draw attention to imaginative and appealing images after the insects used artfully in the scene as well as the spring butterflies.

If you are interested in high-quality pieces of jewellery, a look around like on our Web page: RENÉSIM homepage.

Insight into the Photo Studio used by RENÉSIM

Precious Colombian emeralds from RENÉSIM before the trigger

One of the photos of the emeralds in the Photo Studio