How to Make Figures with Flexible Paste

Today we use Funny Gummy or rubber flexible EVA to make some figurines Tiny
Today I bring you some very sympathetic figures type Tiny made with a flexible air dried pasta or flexible, the brand EVA Rubber Funny Gummy.

He liked working with this dough, and I love the result. Does not have much to do with the Levkas, to which I’m accustomed, since the flexible Eva is much more soft (it has a consistency somewhat chewy when you take out the bag, but when you work it a little it becomes very soft and very easy to handle). The colors can be mixed together effortlessly and even dyed with acrylic paint. Therefore, the possibilities are endless.

Once dry (it takes about 24 hours to be completely dry, but depends on the size and thickness of the pieces), is very soft and flexible, with a very similar to the of the Eva touch.

If you want to try this pasta, you can buy it on Ebay by clicking on this link: buy rubber flexible EVA.

Then, I leave you with the video that I did try this pasta to make the figurines Tiny:

And here you can see some photos of the result:

I hope that tutorial today have liked and you Animes to try this flexible paste Funny Gummy. He has surprised me very much for good.

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