Fascinating: The Pink And Blue Diamonds Of Argyle Pink Diamond Tender Of Rio Tinto

One of the annual highlights for all fans of fancy diamonds is the Argyle pink diamond tender. Also this year the mining company Rio Tinto presents a collection of exceptional pink and blue diamonds. The related shows take place in Perth, in Hong Kong and London. Only with an invitation, you can catch a glimpse of the enchanting gemstones. The price per carat, which was paid in recent years for the presented gems began at $ 100,000; up to one million U.S. dollars were paid for the most precious of the diamonds.

Colored sparkling fancy diamonds from Rio Tinto, the pink

The selection of the most beautiful and most precious color diamonds (also Fancy Diamonds), which were found in the year 2012 in the Argyle Diamond mine near the Australian town of Kimberley, consists of 56 gems in the wide range of pink apart from 19 stones in shades of blue and pink shades. Two of them are even red – this is the rarest color.

The Australian Dreamtime legends to the emergence of colored diamonds

In science is not yet fully understood, as it does, a pink diamond color can assume. But there are a legend of the origin of the colored gems, which comes from the Australian Aboriginal mythology. It says, the colorful iridescent colors of diamonds of that are today found in the Argyle mine, come from the shimmering scales of a barramundi (an Australian giant combers). The fish was driven by a group of women into a corner and jumped back in the freedom to get out of the water over her. While he would have left behind numerous his colorful shiny scales, from which – as far as the legend – the colored diamonds were created, which can be found in the area since then.

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