A First Lady Can Do No Wrong in Fashion Matters – RENESIM.COM Also Not

I tell you nothing new, connoisseurs of the fashion world and readers of the various high-gloss and Promimagazine if I reports today on one of the hottest fashion labels of German celebrities. It’s about the German fashion label SK Sonja Kiefer of the eponymous Designer, whose evening and cocktail dresses now on any Gala or awards ceremony more missing. In addition to the red carpet the collections of Sonja Kiefer have conquered also the political parquet, and stylish in the likeness of our First Lady, Bettina Wulff, who has chosen pine to their favorite Designer. The unmistakable signature of the Munich-based designer stands for a clear silhouette, unusual cut details and skillful play with contrasts. Awards such as the “new faces Award” and the “award of LVMH” speak for themselves.

And just like the celebrities was also RENESIM.COM by the magical evening and cocktail dresses and has inspired by Sonja Kiefer for a unique collaboration (see press release). Under the motto “The perfect ring for the perfect evening dress” fashion designer, a spectacular ring designed exclusively for RENESIM.COM: A cocktail ring in Rosé gold, studded with a huge semicircular morganite and applications from white gold stars and diamonds. Today, the ring under www.renesim.com is to admire in all its splendor.

“Fashion for the spotlight – the evening gowns by Sonja Kiefer are perfect for a glamorous appearance”, so the magazine already headlined ELLE in a Special Edition.

Many celebrities see it obviously just the same. In the creations of the native Frankfurt Show presenters such as Frauke Ludewig, Karen Webb and Birgit Schrowange in addition to the well-known Polittalkerinnen Anne Will and Sandra Maischberger, stars – and starlets but Ann-Kathrin Kramer u.v.m will in the future also actresses such as Veronika Ferres, who established contact between Bettina Wulff and Sonja Kiefer, the whole appearance of the ladies perhaps still highlighted by the just-created ring. Why not? “From a single source” works but also elsewhere.

But even with their SK white label, the wedding dresses collection, Sonja Kiefer is very successful. Of which I was able to convince me personally, because I also flip and through the colorful (out of curiosity and because of the many images). So I learned from the wedding of actress Cosima von Borsody, naturally, married in a dream in white from the pen of Sonja jaw.

And because the designer only sees the collaboration with RENESIM.COM at the beginning and could very well imagine the design of other pieces of jewelry for RENESIM.COM, I have an idea. A Brautkleid…ein Ring…na ring BB´s?