10% Anniversary Discount At 123gold – We Celebrate 13 Years of the Trauring Configurator

123gold, Germany’s Trauring Specialist No. 1, celebrates the 13th anniversary of its Trauring Configurator this year and grants 10% anniversary bonuses on wedding rings to the customer on this special occasion until 19 October 2015 – except the discount is certified Diamonds from 0.28ct.

123gold was founded in 2002 as a small jewelry outlet in Friedrichsdorf im Taunus;In the same year, the Trauring Configurator was invented to give customers the opportunity to design their wedding rings individually.Today more than 50 locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands work with the 123gold configurator.

As the inventor of the Trauring configurator, 123gold sees itself as a trendsetter for wedding rings.Over 50,000 bridal couples choose each year for wedding rings of 123gold.The Trauring Configurator started in 2002 with only a few models and simple configuration options, such as changes in the material and a selection of different ring profiles, and has continuously developed over the years.In the meantime, the 5th version of the Trauring Configurator is able to equip every person with a unique tracing.The possibilities of the configurator are as varied as individual.Whether it is material adjustments, individual alterability of design elements such as corrugated joints, or a unique engraving, such as a heart line or a fingerprint, the creativity of the customers is no limit.

When designing the rings in the configurator and its usability, 123gold sets standards by continual technical development and innovation.This means that the products designed by the customer with great love can be visualized very well and an immediate price calculation can be made.

The continuity of the configurator technology to the long-term manufacturer partners allows 123gold precise and timely production as well as a fantastic price-performance ratio.The choice of a model can be individually refined with the help of the configurator, creating unique wedding rings that perfectly represent the style and personality of the wedding couple.